In March 2022 we became officially Climate Neutral Certified.

In partnership with Climate Neutral, a global not-for-profit organisation, we have measured the company's total emissions for 2021, offset them entirely by investing in climate change solutions and implemented plans to reduce our future emissions.

The climate change projects we are supporting this year include old growth forest management in Alaska, replacing thermal coal with solar energy in China and building wind farms in India.

On top of this significant commitment to carbon neutrality, we continue to plant a tree for every ecommerce order we receive through our websites and have planted tens of thousands of trees in Australia, California and Brazil which further help to remove carbon from the atmosphere.

So we are in face Carbon Negative, which means that by operating our business we remove more CO2 from the atmosphere than we create, which warms the heart of all our hardworking team at BONDI BORN and enables our customers to feel good when they purchase from us.

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