Our Founder & Designer

Before starting Bondi Born in 2015 Dale McCarthy was the owner of an enviable professional resume.

A fixture in boardrooms around Australia, she ran advertising campaigns for global brands, managed digital media businesses and was Publisher of Australia’s restaurant food bible, The Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide.

“Fashion, and in particular swimwear, has always been a fundamental part of my identity. I created Bondi Born for women who are tired of the lack of truly luxurious swimwear.

The world is flooded with mass produced, cheaply made, uninspiring designs using inferior fabrics. The product just doesn’t live up to its glossy images and, most importantly, it doesn’t make the wearer feel great wearing it.

I want to create Australia’s most luxurious swimwear brand for women who are fashion educated, know what works for their body and seek unique style, quality and ethics over price. I call it “luxury without compromise”.

Our original, fashion-forward designs use the most technically advanced, luxurious fabrics and trims from around the world. We then make each piece right here in Sydney through our team of Australian swimwear experts, never compromising on our ethics or the product’s quality at any stage.

As a result, Bondi Born’s design, quality, fit and finish is second to none ~ which empowers women to feel at their absolute best when wearing it.

Mission accomplished!”